* Some of the PhD/Master/Undergraduate degree theses of the students in the Lab.


  • “Deep Structural Models for Fine-grained Visual Parsing”, Xiaodan Liang, 2016  PDF
  • “The Semantic Knowledge Embedded Deep Representation Learning and Its Applications on Visual Understanding”, Ruimao Zhang, 2017 PDF


  • “A Novel And-Or Graph Learning Method for Recognizing Objects with Large Appearance Variance”, Xiaolong Wang, 2014 PDF
  • “Efficient Non-Linear Filtering and Saliency Detection for Image Analysis”, Keyang Shi, 2014 PDF
  • “Person Re-identification by Matching Compositional Template with Cluster Sampling”, Yuanlu Xu, 2014 PDF
  • “Is Fast R-CNN Doing Well for Pedestrian Detection?”, Liliang Zhang, 2016 PDF
  • “Hierarchical Long Short-term Memory for Geometric Scene Parsing “, Zhanglin Peng, 2016 PDF
  • “Deep Deconvolution Network for Face Hallucination”, Yukai Shi, 2016 PDF


  • “Face Alignment and Detection in Unconstrained Environment”, Yuan Xie, 2016 PDF
  • “Self-Learning Framework for Visual Recognition”, Xiaopeng Yan, 2017 PDF